Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Our 2013 Holiday

For our holiday this year we went caravanning just outside of Paris. The husband and I went to Paris last May which was an amazing experience and we were eager to go back, this time with Moo and do Disneyland. We did it through the Sun which is something I've never done before but he's been with family. My mother-in-law does them every year and is always really satisfied with them.

Speaking from this experience, it was fantastic value for money. Five of us went in the end, including Moo. My mother-in-law and her partner came (which I was grateful for as being this pregnant I needed the extra help). We drove from Eastbourne to Dover, stayed in a hotel and then got the early morning ferry. Moo's behaviour was absolutely fantastic all week as was her sleeping and I was really, thoroughly impressed and proud of her. Even exhausted and in Disneyland she still managed to not throw any tantrums or strops. There was a lot of driving involved and she didn't get fussy once. I was really proud of her.

I've not really done caravanning before. I remember staying in a luxury static with my parents in Swannage when I was younger and a couple of years ago when I was doing some training for my husband's business, we stayed in the family caravan because it was cheaper than the local hotels.

I'm not a fan.

Honestly, I know that sounds really snobby but I'm not. The first morning I woke up cold and shivery and just could not get warm and what is the deal with the bathroom. Everybody can hear you pee! That's not pleasant. I was really anxious to go to the toilet, I didn't want to ruin anyone cup of tea. Our shower was tilted at a funny angle so the only way you could get water onto your body was by tilting the head up with one hand and using the other to brace yourself against the wall as you lent into it. Awkward.

The camp site was pretty basic, however we were hardly there and it had a small playground as well as a shop and a pizza restaurant. Round about and copious amounts of pizza...nothing cold possibly go wrong.

Our first day didn't start off fantastically...Moo lost her toothbrush in the house (still not found it) and on his way to work, my husband blew a the car we were taking to France. Hands up if you have a newish car? Yeah...they don't give you a spare tyre anymore, huh? They give you that stupid foam stuff. You don't even get a jack anymore!! But yet our car has the space for a spare...£110 later, we had four tyres again though he missed two hours of work and we were stressed out.

The last few paragraphs seemed to be a bit of a moan, but genuinely, I would recommend the Sun holidays now that I've been on one. It was cheap, cheerful and we had a lot of fun exploring France. I would've enjoyed it more had I not been this pregnant but you live and learn...I don't plan on having anymore babies so this is something I can just shrug my shoulders and move on.

I did discover that there are a few perks to being 'with child' when visiting Disneyland Paris which I'll be blogging about soon, but until then I hope that your 2013 holidays are as fabulous as mine (though without the blown tyre and dislike of caravans).


Oh, and my husband is never allowed to pack a suitcase again. It was SO FULL going out, I packed it to come home and magically there was more space. Never. Again.

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